State Code Adoption Map

State Code Ado​p​tion​
​​Low Frequency​ ​Carbon Monoxide (CO)​
​​IBC 2012 Ch. 35 and/or IFC 2012 Ch. 80 States with Commercial Carbon Monoxide Legislation
Statewide ​Regional No Adoption Statewide No Adoption
Alabama ​​​X Homes
Alaska ​​X ​​ Homes
Arizona ​​​​X ​​X
​Arkansas ​​​X ​​X
California ​​​X Homes, Hotels, Motels, Elderly
Colorado ​​​X Homes, Schools
Connecticut ​​​X Homes, Schools
Delaware ​​​X ​​X
Florida ​​​X Homes, Public Lodging
Georgia ​​​X Homes
Hawaii ​​​X X
Idaho ​​X​ Homes
Illinois ​​​X Homes, Schools
Indiana ​​​X X
Iowa ​​​X Homes
Kansas ​​​X Hotels, Motels
Kentucky​ ​​​X Homes
Louisiana ​​​X Homes
Maine ​​​X Homes, Schools
Maryland ​​​X Homes, Schools
Massachusetts ​​​X Homes
Michigan ​​​X Homes
Minnesota ​​​X Homes
Mississippi ​​​X X
Missouri ​​​X X
Montana ​​​X Rental Homes
Nebraska ​​​X Homes
Nevada ​​​X X
New Hampshire ​​​X Homes
New Jersey ​​​X Homes, Hotels, Motels
New Mexico ​​​X Homes
New York ​​​X Homes
North Carolina ​​​X Homes
North Dakota ​​​X Homes
Ohio ​​​X X
Oklahoma ​​​X Homes
Oregon ​​​X Homes
Pennsylvania ​​​X Homes
Rhode Island ​​X Homes
South Carolina ​​​X Homes
South Dakota ​​X​ X
Tennessee ​​​X Homes
Texas ​​​X Day Care, Group Homes
Utah ​​X​ Homes
Vermont ​​​X Homes, Hotels, Motels
Virginia ​​​X Homes
Washington ​​​X Homes, Hotels, Motels
West Virginia ​​​X Homes
Wisconsin ​​​X Homes, Hotels, Motels
Wyoming ​​​​X ​​Homes

  • Without contacting each state there is no way to know for certain if the low frequency requirements have been amended or deleted. System Sensor is not resposible for accuracy of this information.
  • Data taken from International Code Council - State Adoptions (December 2017)​
  • CO data retrieved from National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)