​​P​roduc​t​ ​ Electromechanical​: 3.1​K​H​z​​:​ ​520Hz:​ ​Chime: Chime:​ Directional Voice:​ ​Coded**​ ​​Custom​​
 Temp 3.
 Non - Tem​p.
 Temp  3.​ 
Non - Temp.​
 Temp 3.
Non - Temp.​​
 Temp 3. .25 ​Second
1 Second
Area of Refuge
Exit ​Here
Stairs Down
Stairs Up
H​orn​​ ​X ​X ​​​ X
Chime X X
Speaker* X X X X X X X ​X
SpectrAlert Advance
Horn X X
Mini-Horn X
Chime X X
LF Sounder X
Speaker* X X X X X X X​​ X​​
 ​​Download all of the audio sample files​

* Audio file needed at fire panel
** Pattern driven by fire panel